Transporting Your Bicycle

Bike Racks.jpgPerhaps you are considering going for a road trip or visit to another destination but you want to carry your bicycle with you. Maybe you will get off somewhere and have a ride on your bicycle simply as a way of excursion or an exercise. There are many ways that you can load your bicycle onto your car and have it transported to the destination of your choice.

The first way to do this is by putting the bicycle in the boot of your car. Many cars have big boots such that if the bicycle is slightly disassembled, then it can fit in. This method usually offers security from your bicycle in that there are fewer risks of it being stolen. The bicycle is also protected from unexpected events such as scratching by objects. See The 10 Best Hitch Mounted Bike Racks 2018 or read more info.

The other common way is by using the roof rack of your car. This can be done by placing the bicycle on top of the roof rack then fastening it either with a strap or a belt. Make sure that the bicycle is in place and tightly fastened to the roof rack. This will ensure the safety of the bicycle in that it will not fall and get damaged. This method is also very useful for big sized bicycles. In most cases the roof each is also usually big enough to accommodate more than one bicycle especially if they are laid one on top of the other.

Another similarly convenient means is by using a boot rack. In this case, the rack is usually located at the rear part of the vehicle. The rack may be permanently fixed on to the vehicle or temporarily fixed when needed. In most case these racks are usually temporarily fixed. The rack enables the bicycle to be placed on it carefully and then later fastened by means of straps or belts. This method also is convenient for carrying more than one bicycle. This is in the case where the rack is designed big enough to be able to accommodate a number of bicycles.

Whichever of the means that you use to transport the bicycle using your vehicle, it is important to take great care to ensure that the bicycle is safe. It is usually equally vital to always check the condition of the racks. The racks should be repaired of they are faulty to avoid them coming out and falling while on the road. They should also be properly fastened. The bicycles that are fastened on the rack should also be checked that they are positioned properly and that they are also not able to fall off. Continue reading more on this here:


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